If part of your development process includes logging to the console and you get tired of writing (js/console.log ...), consider using enable-console-print!.

Simply call enable-console-print! when your code is first loaded, and all your pr, pprint, etc calls will print to the console.

(ns cljs-made-easy.core)


(let [m {:a :map}]
  (js/console.log m) ;; => cljs.core.PersistentArrayMap ...
  (js/console.log (pr-str m)) ;; => {:a :map}
  (pr m)) ;; => {:a :map}

Gotcha #1 - If you call print fns before you enable console printing, you’ll see an exception: "No *print-fn* fn set for evaluation environment". Make sure enable-console-print! is called before any of your print fns.

Gotcha #2 - Depending on your browser and environment, you may see an exception because the console object is not defined (e.g. IE only exposes the console object if the developer tools are open). If your production code calls enable-console-print! and includes print fns for debugging, you may see prod only bugs. Your best bet is to limit your debugging to development only.

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