Rich Hickey, David Nolen, et al hit a homerun with Clojure/Clojurescript. But while cljs is a pleasure to work with, it can be hard to get started or find just the right documentation to answer your question. The community is putting a great deal of work into improving that; this site is part of my contribution to that effort.

cljs made me love front end development. No more wtfjs, mutable state flying everywhere, hacking around the lack of namespaces, figuring out what this refers to, etc. Hopefully, cljs will do the same for you.

If there’s any way at all that I can help you, please reach out via email or twitter. I also try to help out on reddit clj/cljs and #clojurescript freenode. Lastly, the best way for you to get frequent tips and code examples is to sign up for my mailing list: