I’ll regularly take a JavaScript problem and work it out in ClojureScript. This will hopefully take away some of the Magic™ of functional programming and show how to solve real problems. I promise you won’t have to learn what a monad is.


Write a function that takes a list of pairs and classifies them as valid or invalid. Pairs are valid if the age is over 35 and the signature is true.

Example input:

[[18, true],[45, true],[61, false],[37, false],[21, false],[78, true]]

For example:

valid([[18, true],[45, true],[61, false],[37, false],[21, false],[78, true]]) ===
  ["Invalid", "Valid", "Invalid", "Invalid", "Invalid", "Valid"]


(defn valid? [data]
  (map (fn [[age signed?]]
         (if (and (> age 35) signed?)


Mostly straightforward:

  • We destructure each age/signed? pair. Such destructuring is a normal occurrence.
  • We return a lazy sequence via map. We could do something like “get the first three ‘Valid’” and the calculations would stop as soon as we found them.

This is clearly a tutorial type problem, but I suggest getting into the habit of using more descriptive data structures:

(defn valid? [data]
  (map (fn [{:keys [:age :signed?] :as person}]
         (assoc person :valid? (and (> age 35) signed?)))

(valid? [{:age 18 :signed? true}
         {:age 45 :signed? true}
         {:age 61 :signed? false}
         {:age 37 :signed? false}
         {:age 21 :signed? false}
         {:age 78 :signed? true}])
=> ({:age 18 :signed? true :valid? false}
    {:age 45 :signed? true :valid? true}
    {:age 61 :signed? false :valid? false}
    {:age 37 :signed? false :valid? false}
    {:age 21 :signed? false :valid? false}
    {:age 78 :signed? true :valid? true})

I’m partially anticipating that this function will be part of a larger data-flow, so the return is transformed data instead of just the valid? data apart from the context.

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